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September 18, 2007

Change to Win Unions oppose Peru NAFTA Expansion

Read the House and Senate letters - really, they're right on the mark!

And while there has been some talk in the news of the a labor divide, many AFL-CIO member unions have also come out against the Peru and Panama FTAs. Check out the Machinists for example.

And don't forget about Peruvian labor - also opposing. As reported in CongressNow (sorry - not linkable):

"The problems with worker rights in Peru can't be fixed with only Supreme Decrees from President Alan Garcia," said Julio Cesar Bazan, president of Confederacio Unitaria de Trabajadores, a Peruvian labor federation with strong ties to the AFL-CIO, through a translator on a conference call today. Such decrees, he said, do not have the force of law but rather make regulatory changes...

"We in Peru know that once the trade agreement is ratified, there's not going to be any effort at all by the Peruvian government to pass the general labor law," Bazan said.



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