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November 05, 2007

Every Vote Counts (No, Really!) - Democratic Rank and File Opposing Bush Trade Agreement

According to Jerome-Sherman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

[The Peru Free Trade Agreement] could split the party this week, as the full House of Representatives considers the first vote on a free-trade agreement since the 2006 election, when Democrats won control of both chambers of Congress.

The party leadership supports a Peru pact because it contains stronger labor and environmental standards than past agreements. Yet many rank-and-file Democrats, including freshmen lawmakers who assailed the dangers of free trade for American workers on the campaign trail last year, are skeptical.

And in the Boston Globe this morning, op-ed, The hidden costs of free trade:

Despite the unsatisfactory record of NAFTA as a "free trade" model, the neoliberal economic policy has continued its march forward in the same direction. This week, the Democratic-led Congress will have its first vote on the Bush administration's latest NAFTA-like expansion, the US-Peru bilateral free trade agreement.

From my hometown paper, The Bergen Record (NJ!), Lawmakers disagree over Peru trade deal:

The United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement being considered by Congress continues the practice of overseas outsourcing and job erosion, among other labor and environmental concerns, says Rep. Steven Rothman, D-Fair Lawn, in a press release.

It's time to get the other Dems on the record! Find out how here.


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