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November 16, 2007

Protectionism Killing Economy? Um, no.

CNBC asked today at 6:30 am on Squawk Box is "Protectionism Killing Economy?"

Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division debated John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, but really it wasn't much of a debate.

Watch it here (if it doesn't appear via the link, search for "Lori Wallach"):

Protectionism Killing Economy?
Protectionism Killing Economy?

A few of my favorite parts:

  • John Fund: "[Alan Greenspan] is a pure free trader no matter what his economic analysis might lead him to say."
  • John Fund: "The majority of Democrats in Congress voted for it" (note: the Dem vote was 108 supporting to 116 opposed)

Lori Wallach: "A majority opposed it actually..."

John Fund: "If you add in the Senate a majority of Congress supported it."
Lori Wallach: "They haven't voted yet. Check your facts!"
  • Host: "We can't dictate the laws of these countries but we can open markets..."

Lori Wallach: "You just made my case. If these trade agreements were just about trade we wouldn't be having this debate...Have you guys read the agreement? Have you?" [silence]


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