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July 16, 2009

Trade and Transparency: Steve Charnovitz Guesting Here Next Week

On Monday, a bunch of NGO representatives including GTW's own deputy director, Bill Holland, attended a meeting with USTR regarding transparency in trade negotiations. Ironically, USTR was not particularly, well, transparent about what it proposes to do regarding transparency, as Inside U.S. Trade acknowledged in their story "This Week Likely to Bring New Signs of Obama Trade Policy" (subscription only, sorry):

USTR officials present at the meeting offered little information on which measures USTR would be prepared to take, nor for a time line for completing the new policy.

...Most of the meeting was spent discussing a draft document prepared by [Knowledge Ecology International] outlining 16 specific demands on transparency, sources said. Those demands include increased NGO representation on formal advisory committees and the release of negotiating documents.

Next week, Eyes On Trade will tackle some related issues as Steve Charnovitz, one of the leading scholars on the intersection of the WTO and environmental policy, will join us as a guest author. Steve is an associate professor of law at The George Washington University Law School and a former director of the Global Environment and Trade Study at Yale University. He blogs occasionally over at the International Economic Law and Policy Blog.


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