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February 16, 2011

Lori Wallach on HuffPo: "Korea Trade Deal Is Lose-Lose"

Check out Lori Wallach's latest piece on The Huffington Post:

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Korea Trade Deal Is Lose-Lose

"The Obama administration's effort to convince Congress to pass a NAFTA-style trade pact with South Korea on foreign relations and national security grounds took a beating last month when a large delegation of Korean opponents of the pact came to Washington. ... A majority of Koreans oppose the FTA, are offended that it requires South Korea to subject itself to the jurisdiction of foreign arbitral tribunals, and fear it will undermine the financial stability policies Korea has implemented following the recent and 1997 financial crises; this was the message from the South Korean officials to U.S. members of Congress. The FTA is also 'an unacceptable humiliation and an overly high price to pay for the Americans' role in providing national defense,' they said..."

Read the entire piece at The Huffington Post.



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John B

A majority of Koreans do NOT oppose the Korus FTA and never have. The Embassy of Korea has a response to this and other assertions Ms. Wallach made at www.koreauspartnership.org. Click on Newsroom, then Facts of the Week.

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