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Hillary Clinton's Change of Heart

Clinton (i.e. Hillary) wants to take a "little time out" on new trade deals.

Sometimes it's hard to tell your husband/spouse/lover/girlfriend/fiance/boyfriend/partner/etc. certain things about you, especially when it's a complete change of heart about something that they are very passionate about.

I wonder how Sen. Clinton is going to tell her husband about her new views on NAFTA and NAFTA-like trade agreements, especially when even she may not believe them. In Bloomberg today:

Senator Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, wonders why the North American Free Trade Agreement is "continuing to drive hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people from Mexico into our country," she said in an interview. "We just can't keep doing what we did in the 20th century."...

...Clinton promoted her husband's trade agenda for years, and friends say that she's a free-trader at heart. "The simple fact is, nations with free-market systems do better," she said in a 1997 speech to the Corporate Council on Africa. "Look around the globe: Those nations which have lowered trade barriers are prospering more than those that have not."

[re: lowered trade barriers=more prosperity, click here]

Maybe the Senator is looking at the data coming in from the NAFTA experiment, maybe she was watching in the 2006 midterms, when 39 fair trade candidates beat incumbents who stubbornly supported NAFTA-like trade deals or maybe she saw the polls. Whatever her motives are in her change of heart, it's something to watch as we (very slowly) approach the Democratic primary.

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Wow! Character really comes forward when running for President. Hillary is really a whiner. Not impressed with her at all. McCain and Obama have shown much more class.
It is not a woman thing, it is a truth thing.

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