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Taking important steps, but no acceptable Fast Track

No Amor for NAFTA, sez Amores Perros star

Dreamboat actor Gael Garcia Bernal no tiene amor para el NAFTA.

According to the Associated Press,
Bernal said, Bernal_2

After not achieving their commercial objectives at the World Trade Organization, [the EU and the U.S.] want to impose unjust conditions on us through regional pacts.

The interview with Bernal, conducted in Spanish at a release party for an Oxfam International report, also focuses on the impact of NAFTA on small farmers in Southern Mexico. Some quotes in English were also picked up over at the Organic Fair Trade blog, and a good run-down of Oxfam's report is available from Grand Rapids' Media Mouse blog.

Of course, not that the WTO escalation would be a walk in the park for Mexico. In fact, the World Bank - no hater of NAFTA-WTO style trade pacts - predicted that Mexico would experience net losses under the likely Doha Round outcome.

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