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Bloomberg TV covering "deal"

Shortly after 2 pm EST. You can watch here. Special guest: our own Lori Wallach.

UPDATE: On the show, the host gave Deputy USTR Karan Bhatia several opportunities to respond to two issues of major concern for fair trade groups:
1. Is this a "deal" on just Peru and Panama, or will it extend to Colombia and South Korea? Bhatia did not unequivocally state that the deal was limited to Peru and Panama. Similar to some other press statements over the last 24 hours, it seems that the line here is getting about as blurry as it can get, with different folks saying different things.
Nailslips 2. Will the amendments outlined in the "deal" be written into the core text of totally renegotiated agreements? Here too, Bhatia was non-commital, saying the first task is to "share" with the potential FTA partner countries what has been discussed in Washington.

Neither of these things is making the "deal" look too good. In Lori's words from the show, the partial fixes in the "deal" look like "icing on a rotten cake."

UPDATE 2: You can watch the video HERE.

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If you guys get a link to the segment featuring Lori, please add it. Thanks!

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