Dorgan offers some clarity
Outline not guaranteed to be final deal

Bush has posted his version of the deal

Bush has posted his version of the deal's different provisions over here. They're calling these "fact sheets" the FINAL deal. I'm no lawyer, but it seems like they would have to look a mite more, well, legal if they're gonna be the final text.

Will give some commentary later.

UPDATE: Some comments.

  • The investment "deal" achieves absolutely nothing. The investment issue - i.e. the massive expansion of corporate rights that was a defining feature of NAFTA - was a critical fix demanded by every base group and their mother. Despite not being a lawyer, I know that adding anything to the "preambular language" is meaningless. Preambles in trade law serve the function of telling someone that "it's for your own good" before kicking their guts out - it doesn't really matter what you say before you punch them - they're punched just the same.
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The actual final text of the agreement is here:

Its not in legal language, but that's what's been agreed. You'll see what it actually says without the White House spin.

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