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Mountain States Cut Off Fast-Trackers at the (Legislative) Pass

Fred Thompson: Another GOP 100% Anti-Fair Trader

Just when it was beginning to look like the Democrats had a more anti-fair trade candidate field than the Republicans, old Arthur Branch (aka Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.)) seems poised to enter the field of top GOP presidential contenders.

200pxarthur_2 As we are wont to do over here at Eyes on Trade, we view the candidates through the prism of how much they have assaulted or defended the environment and working people through trade policy. In this regard, Thompson has an 100% assault record, having voted the anti-fair trade position on Fast Track (twice), NAFTA for Africa (twice), and China PNTR.

His 100% anti-fair trade vote record puts him second only to Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), who voted the anti-fair trade position on 9/9 votes. This is for the entire presidential field, both Democratic and Republican.

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Fred Thompson is of, by, and for the rich elite - he will use the good ole boy persona bit, but he's a top 1-percenter all the way, just like Shrub.

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