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City Council in Oregon tells Congress: Trade model isn't working

Most people probably couldn't tell you Hermiston is in Oregon, but its plant-closing story is so ubiquitous Hermiston could be your average community in any state.  This week, the Hermiston City Council unanimously passed a resolution to send a message to Congress that Fast-Tracked trade deals don't help Oregon workers nor do they respect the rights of state and local governments. Denice Martin at the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign points out (pdf):

Hermiston’s voice on this matter is particularly important because both Oregon Senators Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden sit on the Senate Finance Committee that considers trade policy. Hopefully, Senators Smith and Wyden will get the message that Fast Track-approved trade deals have been causing job loss in all parts of the state and must be opposed.

Not to hammer this point over anyone's head but economists like Alan Blinder have predicted tens of millions of service-sector jobs will continue to be highly vulnerable to offshoring if we continue with business as usual.

State legislators have also been passing resolutions against more Fast Track and calling on Congress to create a new trade negotiating process that's more democratic and inclusive. Somehow, I don't think this latest secret Deathstar Deal is what they had in mind.

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