Kaptur: deal is "irresponsible"
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Inside the Deathstar

Reuters is reporting on several members' comments following a Democratic Caucus meeting today on trade. According to this report:

  • A member who had worked on the deal said "Democrats got everything they asked for from the Bush administration." This is the first public confirmation of the fact that the few Democrats that were in on the deal must not have asked for fixes on the over 80 percent of fair trade demands that were not addressed by the Deathstar Deal's terms.
  • "The deal also would apply to pacts with Colombia and South Korea," reports Reuters.
  • One member in on the deal said there will be "a hell of a lot more" Democrats supporting NAFTA expansion agreements after the Deathstar Deal than before. Meanwhile, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), who has rejected the Deathstar Deal, said, "I would say that at least half (of the House Democrats), if not more, share my view."
  • A senior Democrat in on the deal also "defended the secretive negotiating process as necessary," while Kaptur urged Speaker "Pelosi to establish a special House working group on trade so that policy is not decided completely within the confines" of the Ways and Means Committee.
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