Pay day, not payback
Feingold Weighs In on the Hen House Deal

Massa on "deal"

Eric Massa, candidate for congress in New York will be again challenging Randy Kuhl, a longtime Republican incumbent.

Massa knows that without Democrats charting an entirely new course on trade – fulfilling the 37 freshmen members’ promises to deliver on this issue - his chances in 2008 are slim, as the economic line between the parties blurs much like after NAFTA.

Massa writes on MyDD and DailyKos,

As many of you may have already heard, there is an effort to bring Peru and Panama into a "free" trade agreement with the United States. The specific language of these deals has yet to be released, so I will reserve my judgment on this specific case until it is available, however I firmly believe we need to start putting the fire out rather than adding more logs onto it. As Americans, we should demand open trade deals which ensure fair labor and environmental standards across the board, and if we can't enforce them then we shouldn't sign on the dotted line. We need to strengthen American Manufacturing, not weaken it.

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Massa runs a typical negative campaign in which he puts down everything Kuhl does while not proposing any solutions. He's also misguided in much of his beliefs. I wish that I truly believed that fixing American Manufacturing was just a matter of waving the magic wand of NAFTA removal over the situation. The problem is much more complex.

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