Congress Helping States Keep Anti-Genocide Laws
Pennsylvania Sends a Message to Congress

New England States Take Action

Following the activity in Hawai’i two weeks ago, states on the other end of the country are continuing to take the lead on reforming our failed trade policy. The Vermont House recently passed HR 26 (PDF), urging Congress not to extend Fast Track and to establish a stronger role for states in the trade negotiating process. This makes it the sixth state to do so, in addition to the Hermiston, Oregon city council and California Democratic Party adopting resolutions as well.

Up in Maine, the legislature recently passed LD 1678 by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, a bill which fund's Maine's participation in a consortium of state and local governments working together to investigate working conditions at the factories that produce footwear, textiles and apparel for the consortium's members. The Sweatfree Consortium was launched by Governor Baldacci of Maine and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom over a year ago. Now Maine, which passed the nation's first sweatfree purchasing policy, has also become the first state to commit to funding for the consortium.

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