"No Colombia FTA!" protest in DC
What If?! The U.S. Had Balanced Trade With China??

Photos: protesters confront Colombian president Uribe

Today's protest was quite an event, as several hundred people stood outside in the DC heat to speak out against the Colombia FTA and the Uribe regime. Workers, students, Afro-Colombians, labor and human rights activists, and more demonstrated for two hours, holding photographs of murdered Colombian labor organizers and signs bearing messages like "No FTA with human rights abusers," and chanting in both English and Spanish. (For instance: "Hey, hey, Uribe, how many workers died today?") Per the previous post, there were also a wide variety of speakers, and members of the Student Trade Justice Campaign staged a "die-in," braving the heat and lying on the sidewalk in body bags.

The protesters had the opportunity to confront Uribe himself outside, and several emotional exchanges ensued. Check out some of my photos from the afternoon - click on any of the photos below for a larger version, or see many more photos at our Flickr page. We also had a video camera on site, and hopefully we'll be able to post some footage soon.

UPDATE: See our full press release here, with quotes from each of the speakers.

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