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Rangel has surprises in store, says mentor

Eyes on Trade has our eyes on Charlie Rangel. If you do too, you'll be very interested in this profile in the New York Sun.

One of the big stories percolating in Washington is the emergence of Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem as a leader of the moderate faction within the Democratic Party on international trade, an issue that may rival the war as the most fraught of the coming election campaign...

That would be in line with a growing perception of Mr. Rangel as a legislator who can work across the aisle or across rifts within his own party. One of his political mentors, Robert Morgenthau, has for months been cautioning editors around town not to sell Mr. Rangel short, saying, as he did to this reporter last night, "He's going to reach out — and has reached out — to see if he can't work with the Republicans. … He understands that he represents everybody. ... He wants to get things done for the United States."...

Mr. Morgenthau, the longtime Manhattan district attorney, has known Mr. Rangel since they worked together as federal prosecutors in the 1960s. He speaks glowingly of the chairman, describing a dedication to the interests of the nation over any "special interest."

For those thinking that the heightened partisanship in Washington would derail Mr. Rangel's efforts to forge agreement, Mr. Morgenthau had a message: "Charlie's going to surprise them."

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