Bruce Stokes: Deathstar only a "symbolic victory"
Fred Thompson: Another GOP 100% Anti-Fair Trader

Skunks at the garden party

The National Journal's weekly mag had some great coverage of the Deathstar Deal, none of which is linkable, unfortunately. But here are some high and lowlights. NJ reports that the May 10 announcement appeared to be a "triumphal moment"...

But some skunks appeared at [the] garden party -- and Democratic ones at that. In a highly unusual scene, several Democratic members stood behind the cameras on the opposite side of the room and glared angrily. These members, part of a key faction within the House Democratic Caucus that since the 1980s has consistently fought trade-opening initiatives as a sellout of the nation's jobs and economic future, made clear that they opposed [senior Dems'] bipartisan initiative without saying a word. And since then, the opposition has intensified and spread among Democratic lawmakers.

"It was quite disappointing to see that our leadership talked to the White House and Republican leadership before they talked to the Democratic Caucus," Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, who strategically positioned herself in [senior Dems'] line of sight at the May 10 event, said in a later interview. "Things happened by sleight of hand. When that happens in this place, it means that the situation is rigged.... The press conference was handled secretly. It was a closed event."

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