1993 NAFTA vote casting a long shadow
Debate showcased candidate similarities, but what about differences?

All-American Hershey's chocolate: made in Mexico

While we're on the topic of plants closing and moving to Mexico, last Thursday there was this story in the L.A. Times: "Hershey plant to kiss Oakdale goodbye." Hershey is closing the doors of its plant in Oakdale, California, moving all 575 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico. But it's not just this one plant:

The 113-year-old company has described the plant shutdown as part of a "global supply-chain transformation." Some 3,000 of Hershey's 13,000 workers will lose their jobs, including as many as 900 in the company's hometown of Hershey, Pa., where the streetlights are shaped like Kisses. By 2010, Hershey says, the moves will save shareholders as much as $190 million annually.

"The financials are compelling," Chief Executive Richard H. Lenny told a meeting of market analysts in February, saying labor costs in Mexico are 10% of those in the United States. Asked about the negative publicity that would come with the plant closures, he said the decisions were "gut-wrenchingly difficult — but in the best interests of the business."

The article mentions protesters and a Hershey employee who said, "Milton Hershey's ideal was stability for families, but there's none of that anymore. There's no more moral connection between business and working-class America." Sadly, the words of these outspoken folks will probably fall on deaf ears — as Oakdale's congressional representative, George Radanovich (R-Calif.), has a 100 percent anti-fair-trade voting record, having voted wrong on 15 out of 15 trade votes since taking office in 1995.

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Jean Doud

Every year I have made several pounds of fudge at holiday time and I bake all year with Hershey's cocoa to make cakes, etc. The last cake I made and the batch of fudge that I made today will be the last of the Hershey products that I buy plus what I have on my shelf is going in the garbage. The quality of the chocolate has drastically changed so therefore, must be the ingredients also have been changed. It isn't worth the effort of baking and cooking with it plus their ready made candy is no longer good. One more company lost because of the love of money. The love and pride for the U.S.A. is no longer seen in most of our manufacturers who once were the backbone of our country. This is a sad and serious commentary.


Easy to say "Buy only American made products" . What the hell is made here anymore? Fabric from Pakistan assembled in China. Is there a television made In the USA anymore? I always look at the labels of everything i purchase. Harder every day to find a friggin thing made here. Sickening. Now Hersheys..good Lord. We are screwed. The whole country is in the toilet.


What do they think? The execs are just thinking of themselves, and their big bonus. What do they care if the company goes down, as long as they are getting a tremendous amount of money. How will people have money to buy anything in the US if all of our industrial jobs are gone? Do you think someone who can't afford to pay their utilities is going to buy candy from a company that was part of the reason of their difficulties? I don't see how sending jobs away will be in the best interest of shareholders. I bet that most of their sales are in the US. So what is going to happen when the sales drop extremely bad? Bye bye shareholders, bye bye Hershey.


I just heard about Hershey's Reading plant closing down and laying off 300 people. Some schmoe said it was 'vital to the survival and success of the company'. He should have been more specific and said better for the success of the suits. I will never set foot in Hersheypark again. We will never again eat a Hershey product since God only know's what will be floating in it from now on. And we hope all the suits one day get what they deserve

dennis wells

what's all about profit and strictly a profit who cares about workers.so what's a more workers going on welfare.they just didn't make enough money so that's why they're moving.I will not buy anything that is owned by Hershey.the move is strictly for profits.and who knows how safe it will be being made in Mexico .

patricia mayberry

you all sholud be ashamed of your self all you are doing is selling of america piece by piece. why are you in this country if you can;t stand americans.milton hershey never ment for his company to be sold to mexico. what is wrong with our country if you don't like it. THEN GET THE HELL OUT AND GO LIVE SOME WHERE ELSE. i love my county but i have no respect for you. keep selling us down the river.

sincerley patricia mayberry


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jim ronchie

how r yous gonna move it to mexico what the fuck is wrong with yous like y do u need a bunch of portirican boarder hoppers makin white people fuckin candy you dirty fuckin cock sucking nigger wanna b bitches


One plant? What about Ludens in Reading Pa They bought it and closed it no 5th avenue bar, York pepprmint patties, cough drops. My question is, Why do all the Mexicans come here for work when all the factories are moving there? Maybe 50 cents an hour is hard to live on.

Jim Wiley

I just got my first bag of Hershey miniatures made in Mexico. They don't taste as good and the Special Dark doesn't taste good at all. I have been eating them daily for years now so I know how they should taste. I noticed the taste difference and looked at the bag to see if there was a change. Product of Mexico was the only change. I hope they make them taste better. Personally, I don't really care about saving money or jobs moving to Mexico, I just want the chocolate I like.

joe mama

Goodbye America. It was nice growing up in the utopia (America of the 50's and 60's) I actually believed that our world domination would last forever (Manifest Destiny).

The grim truth is that American Corporations have turned their backs on American citizens and outsourced everything (including the kitchen sink).

We now are only able to export raw materials so other countries (with manufacturing jobs) can turn that raw material into something they can ship back and we can buy with our credit cards or home equity line of credit.

Stupid is as stupid does America. I am retiring to Thailand in 4 years. I cannot watch the civil war that is about to take place here.

God Bless

Holly H

This saddens me. Since hearing this news, my family has refused to buy Hershey chocolate. For Christmas, I chose to buy another brand (which tastes even better i think!) and will continue to do so...All this to make the rich, richer...!!!
The American People need to start caring for themselves and helping each other like we used to...the politicans are only out to make themselves richer and more powerful...They are NOT for America!!!!

Mr Eddie Martin

My favorite candy bar is the plain Hershy. I will change from that if it is made anywhere except the USA!!!!!!!!!

Mr Eddie Martin

So Mr. Lenny and other Big Shots at Hershy didn't get enouth Bonus pay so now with all the money that wasn't enough to them they are traders to the USA and moving to Mexico. This is exactly whats wrong with this country. I wish the US would tax them enough to offset the difference they would make. Even if they did I still wouldn't buy from them anyway. I hope you go Bankrupt!!!!!!!

Friedrich angerkowsky

NEVER_EVER again will I or my family purchase any CHOCOLATE that has been handled with filthy mexican or chineese hands and thanks for shipping your business out of the USA you money grubbing low lifes.

Nikolas Diamondidis

I stopped buying Hershey products as soon as the news came out about the move to Mexico. I do not wish the company well. We supported them by buying their candy, but no more. The U.S. is no longer for the North American, but is for themselves. Now the Mexican worker will be abused further by another American Corporation.

Marjorie Shaw

I have stopped by Hershey's candies that say imported for Hershey's




i will not be eating any food products
made in China or Mexico. Not only is the
chocalate being made elsewhere, start looking at your grocery store products.
if it says distrubeted by, or packaged
by it is NOT made here. it has to say
made in the usa!!! the food is poison
you don't know what is in it.


Now our famous government is buying up 400,000 lbs. of chocolate with our taxes to bail out hersheys which is located in Mexico. Doesn't make since but looks like they care more about mexicans than ther own people. While also buying up all sugar across seas to keep them afloat. What a anti-christ.

Chocolate fan

It is very sad that all the good things go to Mexico and the people in the U.S. lose their jobs. Where is the pride in "American" made? Americans made your company and bought your products and now that greed sets in, lets just move it all to Mexico and "no" thanks to the Americans that helped to make your products what they are today. The product will never be the same or made as well. Heck, I can't tell you how many disfigured m and m's that I had in one bag and it was the biggest bag on the shelf. Crappy work all the way aroung.

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