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This news out of Europe today:

The European Union must accept more genetically modified foods to avoid renewed complaints about market barriers at the World Trade Organization, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said...

In a case brought by [the US and other countries], the WTO ruled last year that a 1998-2004 EU ban on new gene-altered foods was illegal. The bloc ended the six-year moratorium after tightening labeling rules and creating a food agency to screen biotech applications...

The European Commission, the 27-nation EU's regulatory arm, faces resistance to gene-modified foods from member states including Austria and Greece. Surveys show opposition to such foods by more than half of European consumers, who worry about risks such as human resistance to antibiotics and the development of ``superweeds'' impervious to herbicides.

As we noted last year when the WTO made its most recent Frankestein Food ruling, which was not only about WHAT food we eat but HOW and HOW QUICKLY we have to decide to eat it,

The WTO’s invasion of such a hypersensitive, value-laden policy about something as intimate as the very nature of food on people’s dinner tables is certain to throw even more doubt on the already-shaky Doha Round WTO expansion talks. If the WTO can meddle with what food comes into our homes, the last thing we should do is expand the power or reach of this unaccountable, corporate-controlled body.

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