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Great new word: "boboaperturismo"

Ecuador's new president Rafael Correa is a serious fair trader who understands trade and development issues very very well. Think a Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) or Rep. Michael Michaud (D-Maine) of the Andes.

Recently, he told reporters that:

"I've never been against trade pacts. Trade is important - vital for development - but it's got to be fair trade. Another thing is the free trade of 'boboaperturismo'," which Correa called a "formula for disaster."

There's no easy way to translate this word. "Bobo" means something like "dummy," while "aperturismo" means something like "a reckless philosophy of market opening."  In English, a little unwieldy. But there's no tariff on importing fun phrases.

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I'm sure that'll catch like wildfire, just like the 'Death Star Deal.'

Still waiting for you to explain how a spaceship from Star Wars ties into our complex national international trade debate.

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