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Sanders, Grassley try to put the brakes on outsourcing

In the latest strange-bedfellows case, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have introduced an amendment (PDF) to the Senate immigration bill that would bar companies from hiring foreign workers with H-1B visas if they have made mass layoffs of U.S. workers within the past year. This would prevent companies from profiting by dumping U.S. labor in favor of cheaper international workers, while still allowing companies with genuine labor shortages to take advantage of the H-1B program.

This has been covered extensively by technology sites like Ars Technica, PC World and Information Week, and on Sirota's site, although it doesn't seem like it's gained much traction yet elsewhere (and I can't seem to find a statement from either senator). Maybe that's not too surprising given that there have already been over 100 proposed amendments to this bill. In any case, we're keeping our eyes on it.

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It is quite a Joke, American industry said , if work was outsourced ,they would save money and create jobs in US , but look the more American comies have outsourced more Americans have lost jobs, and US economy is in pathethic sitiuation now.

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