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MOCs in the News: How Have They Voted?

Why are we still talking about the Colombia FTA?

Reuters today has an article indicating that the Colombia FTA may come up for consideration this fall, reiterating a rumor that there may be a push to bring it up before the Panama FTA (to follow the order in which the agreements were signed). Indeed, Inside U.S. Trade is reporting that, the Bush administration "has not budged from its long-standing position that Colombia be considered and passed before Panama is brought up for a vote." And a Ways and Means Democrat is quoted in the story as leaving the door pretty wide open to considering the Colombia FTA if "the facts on the ground" are deemed satisfactory. This is despite the outrageous labor and human rights violations that continue in Colombia, as we've detailed in posts here, here and here.

Says the Reuters article,

The Colombian agreement still faces bigger challenges than the other two pacts, but the government of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has "done tremendous work" to answer concerns raised by Democrats.

There's not really enough work one could do to correct the fundamentally flawed Colombia FTA. This sounds all the more ridiculous in light of the recent news that leaders of the oil workers' union in Colombia — a union which has consistently been victim to human rights violations — have been receiving death threats (Word document, in Spanish) since mid-August, the most recent coming last week.

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