Panamanian farmers' group: FTA will cause "hunger and misery"
Change to Win Unions oppose Peru NAFTA Expansion

Labor leaders in Peru and Panama speak out

And guess what? They think the FTAs are a bad idea.

Julio Cesar Bazán, president of a major Peruvian labor federation, said in response to the idea that the Deathstar deal labor provisions will be implemented by Supreme Decree instead of actual legislative changes, "The problems with worker rights in Peru can’t be fixed with only Supreme Decrees from the President. Decrees are just administrative rules. They can’t overrule actual laws." He also added, "Furthermore, the FTA contains provisions that affect sectors that shouldn’t be included at all in trade agreements, like social security. One of the reasons that we oppose the FTA is that it would give U.S. banks like Citibank the power to sue our government if we try to fix the problems with the failed privatization of the social security system in our country."

Mario Thompson, a representative of Alliance for Social Justice, said in regards to the Panama FTA, "Unions and workers in Panama are literally under attack by the government of Martin Torrijos. Approving a Free Trade Agreement with the Torrijos government right now would send the Panamanian government the message that their current method of doing business is okay."

These statements were covered today in Congress Daily, CongressNow (sorry, neither linkable) and Bloomberg.

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