A New Series - Trade on the (campaign) Trail
Labor leaders in Peru and Panama speak out

Panamanian farmers' group: FTA will cause "hunger and misery"

ONAGRO, the largest organization of peasant farmers in Panama, today released a letter to Congress that doesn't mince any words about the Panama FTA.

We are certain that the FTA will cause great displacement in the Panamanian agriculture sector, on which 40 percent of our nation's population depends either directly or indirectly. We Panamanians do not want to follow the Mexicans and Central Americans in the flood of immigration to the United States, where many risk their life trying to be able to make a living...

This kind of trade agreement will only increase hunger and misery in the indigenous and peasant sectors of Latin America, pushing our countries even faster into the arms of leftist governments, which has already happened in South America proper. Your actions will determine the rise or fall of these tendencies, just as they will determine the rise or fall of Latin Americans' immigration to the United States.

[emphasis in original.] Read the full letter in both English and Spanish as a PDF (courtesy of Inside U.S. Trade).

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