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Toy Recalls: U.S. Jobs Exported, Unsafe Products Imported

Take a look at the list of recently recalled toys. Click on the name for a description of the toy and picture and for information about what to do if you have the toy.

Why is this happening? Our trade policies promote relocation to low wage countries of production of goods once made here. The same trade deals put limits on the safety standards we can require for imports and how much we can inspect imports. This is not just about China, but about our failed trade policies that prioritize the volume of trade over your children's safety or fair working conditions. Find out more here.

What do you think of the import safety crisis? What did you do when you found an unsafe toy? How has this changed how you shop? How are your children reacting to their toys being taken from them? What's your toy story? Post it in the comments!

For more recall information visit

Here is the list:

  1. Fisher Price Bongo Band Toys
  2. Fisher Price Geo Trax Locomotive
  3. Mattel Barbie Dream Puppy House dog
  4. Mattel Barbie Dream Kitty Condo Playset cat
  5. Mattel Barbie Table and Chairs Kitchen Playset dog, chip platter, dinner plates
  6. Mattel Barbie Bathtub and Toilet Playset cat
  7. Mattel Barbie Futon and Table Living Room Playset cat
  8. Mattel Barbie Desk and Chair Bedroom Playset dog
  9. Mattel Barbie Couch & Table Living Room Playsey purse
  10. Imaginarium Wooden Coloring Cases
  11. Robbie Ducky Kids Watering Cans
  12. Thomas and Friends, Curious George and Other Spinning Tops and Tin Pails
  13. Divine Inspiration Children's Charm Bracelet
  14. Toby & Me Children's Jewelry and Gift Box
  15. Hampton Toy Train Set
  16. Mattel Doggie Day Care Toys
  17. Mattel Barbie and Tanner Magnetic Toys
  18. Mattel Sarge Toy Car
  19. Mattel Batman and OnePiece Action figures
  20. Fisher Price assorted Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street Toys
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Joseph Marrazzo

I now inspect place of manufacture if it is china I will not buy it

Betty Rougeux

Americans as a nation should boycott all companies that export their jobs and import their products. Our health, welfare and very existance is at risk because of corporate greed.


I think inspecting should be one of the import processes. Regard this as and warn to promote goods quality. Anti-China trade or boycott won't be the way to solve the promblems.
There would be a reason for people who outsourcing to China.While China will fight on the anti-dumping claims, it will also continue to review and revise its own trade structure to improve its trade balance (and international relations)
Say, U.S.A. needs to strengthen the export of China in order to guarantee its trade balance from the other side.
Demand for many US products in China are very strong,but there are few, if any, effective methods for US SMF's to access Chinese buyers and meet the demand. AC-Ali enables US businesses to list their company and product descriptions in English. AmeriChinaB2B will translate these descriptions in Chinese and put them on its China Business platform which attracts a large number of Chinese importers and distributors looking for American products to import to China. Welcome to AmeriChinaB2B( ) to begin your business trip of China.

Joe the Dog Lover

It is hard to find toys that are not made in China since I won't purchase from there.


I agree with Betty. We need to help ourselves and take thing out of foreign countries. The work and profit is important here now.

Zaragoza Jewelry

Truth, Ajlouny. Things go to foreign countries far too much nowadays.

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