AFL "unalterably opposed" to Colombia FTA
Protectionism Killing Economy? Um, no.

Happy HoLEADays?!

Great video from Sierra Club wishing you a happy holeadays!

And remember kids: It's the rules of the game that cause lead-filled lockets and filthy fish to enter the U.S. - trade rules that put limits on what can be inspected and how much.

Take a look:

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Richard Vivian

I don't know what position that you take on free trade, (like NAFTA), I think that this is something that is really hurting our country. I read where we have lost 3 million factory jobs since 2001 and that is alot of good jobs. Does our President care, no he doesn't because he is planning for free trade with Peru, Columbia, and other country's. Fre trade is a big joke and it's time that it was stopped. I'm 78 years old and I worry about the future for oue children and Grandchildren. Don't look like Bush is worried about them, he just worry's about the Global Ecomomy, not our Economy in this country.
Sincerely your Richard Vivian

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