We'll be doing liveblogging from the Peru FTA debate-vote
Rep. Grijalva: "This is progress?"

National Family Farm Coalition weighs in

In the Department of Last-Minute Letters, here's one from the National Family Farm Coalition (PDF). Some juicy tidbits:

The Peru FTA, contrary to the claims of a few commodity organizations reflecting the interests of corporate agribusiness, will not benefit the vast majority of American farmers and ranchers... Despite concerns that growing agricultural imports could disadvantage American farmers and undermine food safety, agricultural issues were nearly entirely excluded from the May 10th deal between the White House and some congressional Democrats. Family farm organizations had urged that the free trade agreements be modestly modified to exclude sensitive agricultural products from coverage and to strengthen our food safety rules, but even these reasonable requests were not addressed.

...As harmful as the Peru FTA will be for American farmers and ranchers, the effects on Peruvian farmers could be more devastating. International grain traders have dumped below-cost corn into developing countries. Under NAFTA, over a million Mexican farmers and their families have been driven off the land due to U.S. dumping. Many of those displaced farmers have ended up in the U.S. Peruvian corn and rice farmers would likely face similar disasters as the U.S. starts dumping cheap commodities into the Peruvian market. Government agencies, international farm organizations, and development groups predict that the Peru trade deal will result in significant rural dislocation.

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