Every Vote Counts (No, Really!) - Democratic Rank and File Opposing Bush Trade Agreement
We'll be doing liveblogging from the Peru FTA debate-vote

Peru FTA vote tomorrow!

The Peru FTA will likely come up for a full floor vote in the House of Representatives tomorrow morning, as H.R. 3688. For more info, check out our latest action alert, sent today. A few last-minute letters have been rolling in from organizations opposed to the FTA (including us at Public Citizen). These are all PDFs:

Also, a while back we put together a rebuttal of USTR's "Food Safety Myth Vs. Fact" document, which can be found here.

Finally, check out this article which ran in The Hill this morning, "Freshman Dems revolt on free trade":

Many freshman Democratic lawmakers are expected to oppose a free trade deal with Peru this week despite pressure from House leaders...

"There’s been a lot of pressure on the rank and file to support this deal," said Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine), who opposes the deal. "It's disappointing that Democratic leaders are not in sync with the American people."

Fearful that trade agreements will further add to a poisonous political environment — like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was passed before the GOP routed the Democrats in the 1994 midterm election — some Democrats are furious they are being forced to vote on the measure.

"We have a base that does not think we're getting enough done. If we give them another dose of NAFTA … I’m left to wonder what [that does]," freshman Rep. Phil Hare (D-Ill.) said in a phone interview.

We'll be back with more after the vote tomorrow!

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