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Roundup of What People Are Saying About the Peru FTA

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~ The Day America Stopped It's Orbit ~

WE all orbit around the circle of life
- as our self awarness goes through the
natural cycle's - of positive and negative
- of the things within each of us .

WE find that this natural orbit also - Orbits
around those around us - WE give off that which
is our's - either positive or negative - Putting
the negative or positive within those around us -
as those around us orbit puts back - either negative
or positive - as or orbits of life - are interdependent
on each other.

When the negativity of greed has overcome - The value
of freedom and careing for eachother - All of our orbits
become negative - and the feelings of - Fear - Self preservation
starts too run amok - Our quality of life - Becomes a drag
of negativity - The corruption of greed now rules the orbit
of America.

The orbit of the fear of tomorrow - What will America be -
The beacon of light shines no more - The nightmare runs deep.

Look across America - For WE the People - Are the power of America
- Or orbits of hope above fear - dreams above nightmares - The orbit
of a America - Freedom and justice for all - Is ours too put within
- The Orbit of life.

WE can overcome a rich-greedy - serve myself America - To put the
flame back - into the freedom and justice - from the least of us -
to greatist of us .

It is time for America too orbit back to the positive - and to understand
as America Orbits - So does the world .

craig fleming

Our Democracy’s hopeless and suicidal policies are a progress backward. They will lead us into and not over the tombs.

Changes in distribution of wealth brings political changes. The wealth of some overreaches the wealth of others, Aristocracy gives way to a Plutocratic Oligarchy. Wealthy traders and bankers rule the state. Then statesmanship which is the coordination of social forces and the adjustment of policy to growth is replaced by politics which is the strategy of party and the lust for the spoils of office. Every government tends to perish by excess of its basic principle. Aristocracy ruins itself by limiting too narrowly the circle within which power is designed. Oligarchy ruins itself by the incautious scramble for immediate wealth. In either case the end result is revolution. When revolution comes it may seem to arise from little causes and petty whims. But though it may spring from slight occasions it is the precipitate result of grave and accumulated wrongs. When a body is weaken by neglected ills the merest exposure may bring serious disease. Then democracy comes, the poor overcome their opponents and slaughter the rest and give to the people and equal share of freedom and power. But even democracy ruins itself by excess of democracy. It’s basic principle is the equal right of all to hold office and determine public policy. This is, at first glance a delightful arrangement. It becomes disastrous because the people are not properly equipped by education to select the best rulers and the wisest courses. As to the people they have no understanding and only repeat what there rulers pleased to tell them. To get a doctrine accepted or rejected it is only necessary to have it praised or ridiculed in a popular play. Mob rule is a rough sea for the ship of state to ride. Every wind of oratory stirs up the waters and deflects the course. The upshot of such a democracy is tyranny or autocracy, the crowd so loves flattery and is so hungry for honey that at last the wiliest and most unscrupulous flatterer calling himself the protector of the people rises to supreme power. Consider the history of Rome. The more you think about it the more astounded you are at the folly of leaving to mob, caprice and gullibility the selection of political officials, not to speak leaving it to those shady and wealth serving strategists who pull the oligarchic wires behind the democratic stage. In simpler matters like shoe making, we think only a specially trained person will serve our purpose. In politics we presume everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill we call for a trained physician whose degree is a guarantee of specific preparation and technical competence. We do not ask for the handsomest physician or the most eloquent one. Well then, when the whole state is ill, should we not look for the service and guidance of the wisest and the best to devise a method of baring incompetence and knavery from public office and of selecting the best to rule for the common good. That is the problem of political philosophy.

The defect of democracy is to put mediocrity into power and there is no way of avoiding this except by limiting office to men of trained skill. Numbers by themselves cannot produce wisdom and may give the best favors of office to the grossest flatterers. The fickle disposition to the multitude almost reduces those who have experience of it to despair. For it is governed solely by emotions and not reason. Thus, democratic government becomes a procession of brief lived demigods and men of worth are loath to enter lists where they must be judged rated by their inferiors. Sooner or later the more capable men rebel against such a system, though they are in a minority. Hence, it is believed that democracies change into aristocracies and those at length into monarchies. People at last prefer Tyranny to chaos. Equality of power is an unstable condition. Men are by nature unequal. He who seeks equality among un-equals seeks an absurdity.

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