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Recap of candidates trying to distance themselves from NAFTA

We highlighted the press coverage around the Clinton-Obama NAFTA battles earlier this week. Just to dig a little deeper, here are the primary sources - what each campaign was saying.

From Clinton's campaign on Valentine's Day: Obama Campaign Continues Dishonest Attacks On Hillary and NAFTA - concluding with "Based on his positions in Illinois and the United States Senate, the National Journal concluded that Sen. Obama was 'the most likely presidential candidate to support further trade liberalization.'"

Clinton again, two days later: Newspapers Reported Obama's Support of NAFTA, Desire To Pursue Similar Agreements, citing the Decatur Herald & Review as saying "Obama said the United States benefits enormously from exports under the WTO and NAFTA."

Obama responded the same day with Clinton Camp Again Pushing Inaccurate Quotes on Obama and NAFTA That Were Debunked Months Ago. In this post, the campaign says "The Clinton campaign is trying to push old, inaccurate quotes that misstated Obama's position on NAFTA... Obama has consistently opposed NAFTA-like trade deals."

Finally, Clinton the next day: Obama Campaign Transcript Not Supported By Audio, retorting that "The transcript posted by the Obama campaign [in the above release] does not appear in the audio."

Whew. Standard disclosure: Global Trade Watch has no preference among the candidates.

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