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Friday Film Fun: Caravan/Prague: The Uneasy Road to Change

Katie Clifford, Global Trade Watch intern extraordinaire, wrote up a quick blurb on Caravan/Prague: The Uneasy Road to Change. We'll leave you with this on a beautiful Washington, DC Friday afternoon:


"Caravan/Prague: The Uneasy Road to Change is a film by Zack Winestine that chronicles a bicycle caravan as it makes its way across Europe in order to shut down the annual meeting of the World Bank and IMF.

"Representative of the power for change that can result from definitive action by a small number of people, Caravan is one of many examples of people around the world taking a stand against the corporate control of global trade policies. This firsthand account is an honest and inspirational look at one groups' fight to ensure that fair trade becomes a reality."

In the meantime, you can take your own stand against corporate-dominated trade and tell your congressperson to publicly oppose the Colombia NAFTA expansion. No cross-continental bike riding necessary!

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