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Office Park Jobs At Risk in Pennsylvania and What the Candidates Will Do About It

David Brooks asks the candidates in the New York Times:

Aren’t there windows in the vans they use to drive around the state? Don’t they see that most middle-class voters are service workers in suburban office parks, not 1930s-style proletarians in the steel mills?

Interestingly enough, a new analysis finds that it's not just Blue Collar jobs that are at risk anymore, but more than 286,000 Pennsylvania jobs (that's right, we're just talking about Pennsylvania) are highly susceptible to being offshored in the near future - from mathematicians to architectural drafters to editors and writers. Suburban workers, that's right, we're talking about your jobs!

But Brooks also says that many solutions currently offered by the candidates won't have an economic impact - and he's partially right. Without specifics, what will this set of trade-talking candidates actually do when they get to the White House? That's why groups like ours have been calling on the candidates to make real commitments to overhaul our failed NAFTA-WTO trade policies. You can read their most recent campaign commitments to Pennsylvanians on trade issues at the Citizens Trade Campaign here.

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