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Today's the Big Day - Pennsylvania Decides!

Today, a final Pennsylvania news and fact roundup as votes are cast:

  • Pennsylvania has lost 222,000 manufacturing jobs since NAFTA and WTO.
  • According to a new analysis from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI):
    • 286,000 Pennsylvania jobs are "highly offshorable";
    • 755,000 Pennsylvania jobs are "offshorable";
    • A combined 1,041,000 Pennsylvania jobs - or 18 percent of the state's total workforce of 5.7 million - are vulnerable to offshoring.
  • Both candidates have detailed plans on trade, collected in questionnaires by the Citizens Trade Campaign on every issue from import safety to Fast Track to renegotiating NAFTA to China and trade enforcement and more!
  • And according to an LA Times/Bloomberg Poll (April 10-14), Pennsylvania voters consider the economy a top priority with 55% of Democratic Primary voters and 66% of Independents who will be voting in the Democratic primary naming it as the number one issue.
  • Pennsylvania Democratic primary voters were also asked who better understands trade issues. Their response, 52% said Hillary Clinton and 28% said Barack Obama with 9% saying both equally.

(Disclosure: Global Trade Watch has no preference among the candidates.)

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