Turns Out Americans Don't Like Our Current Trade Policy, Says a New Poll
N.C.-3: Another fair trade victory

La.-6: Another fair trade election victory

Don Cazayoux, the Democrat who just won the Louisiana-6 House seat long held by the GOP, campaigned and won on a fair trade platform. Here's what he told the Daily King Fish:

I support fair trade agreements that raise labor standards for all workers - both here in the United States and abroad - while ensuring that American businesses remain competitive. I will vote to close tax loopholes that reward companies for moving our jobs overseas. I oppose the Colombian Free Trade Agreement in its current form and believe that we need to renegotiate CAFTA and NAFTA to include more protections for our workers.

Cazayoux takes the open seat vacated by Rep. Richard Baker (R-La.), who voted against fair trade on 18 out of 18 votes in his 22 years in Congress, including NAFTA, WTO, Peru FTA, and CAFTA (which even many GOP in La. opposed, including now-Gov. Bobby Jindal, who William Kristol says might be McCain's running mate).

UPDATE: Special elections this cycle have been good for fair traders. And as we documented back in March, fair trader Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) took Denny Hastert's seat. Foster ran paid ads on trade. Also, fair traders were able to keep several more seats that were opened up through the special elections of Reps. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), Laura Richardson (D-Calif.), Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), and Niki Tsongas (D-Mass.). This crew all voted for fair trade in the Fast Track cancellation vote in April.

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I just found your site. You have some great information and links here. I'll be checking in to find this information more often. It's good to know who is supporting Fair Trade in Washington.

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