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Antigua/gambling case drags on

It's been a little while since we updated on this topic, but there's a good reason for that... there hasn't been any news. The latest on the Antigua-gambling case at the WTO is more no-news news:

Antigua and the United States are not giving up on reaching a compromise in their Internet gaming dispute, announcing that they would push back the deadline for reaching a settlement yet again and leave room open for the possibility of another extension. They will continue talks until July 11.

If you've forgotten, where the case stands now is that the WTO has authorized Antigua to impose sanctions of up to $21 million against the United States, Exhibit A of WTO rules favoring corporations over domestic policy-making space.  Here's a look at the case as it has evolved - a history in Eyes On Trade posts:

Earlier prehistory can be found at our website.

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