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NoNoNoNoNo: Ireland rejects corporate globalization

Irish voters have just rejected an attempt to force corporate globalization down their throat via the EU Lisbon Treaty. According to the Times Online:

Ireland - the only member state to hold a referendum on the matter - chose to reject it decisively by 53.4 per cent to 46.6 per cent....

Opponents rallied support for the No campaign around claims including that the treaty threatens sensitive Irish policies like the ban on abortion, low corporation tax and military neutrality...

Libertas, a group run by the businessman Declan Ganley and the Sinn Fein party, led by Gerry Adams, were among the most prominent 'no' campaigners.

Mr Ganley said today: "The Irish people should never have been taken for granted. In their enormous wisdom they have taken on board the treaty, looked at the arguments and, it seems that we have returned the same result again that our fellow Europeans in France and the Netherlands have already sent to the unelected Brussels elite."

That's in reference to the French and Dutch votes against a previous incarnation of the treaty. You can visit the "No" campaign's website here, which goes over the arguments about how the Lisbon treaty would limit workers rights and public interest policies. The Guardian reports that:

Adding saliva to injury, an MP has just been spat at by triumphant anti-EU campaigners singing Eurodance group 2 Unlimited's 1992 hit No Limits (a 'song' that repeats the word "No" 72 times, just to make the point). The political elite are not popular in Ireland.

Just for kicks, here's the song:

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Few European nations have benefited as much as Ireland from European single market integatration, and as such corporate globalisation. A fact that the majority of voters do not seem to remember. Regretful.

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