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Shah-nge you can believe in

(Disclosure: Global Trade Watch has no preference among the presidential candidates.)

Bloomberg is reporting that the Obama campaign has named Jason Furman of Robert Rubin's Hamilton Project as a paid advisor, joining University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee. Unpaid advisors include mainstreamers Larry Summers and Alan Blinder, and heterodoxers Jared Bernstein from EPI and James Galbraith from UT-Austin.

I'll comment on this line-up in more detail in the future, but it's worth noting that Goolsbee has been willing to question how so many non-trade issues got wrapped up in trade policy, Summers has increasingly been talking up inequality problems, and Blinder of course has been virtually ejected from the mainstream for deigning to mention that service jobs are being increasingly offshored. And while Chris Hayes is despairing at some of these names that are blasting in from the past, he reports that Furman promises to read up on Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Mike Michaud's TRADE Act, unveiled last week.

Okay, and for absolutely no reason other than I love comedian Bob Odenkirk, I include the HBO's Mr. Show video below. About one minute in, Odenkirk's snot-nosed, donut-ordering nincompoop tells the clerk to "Keep the change" (pronounced "shah-nge"). I have been annoying my wife and friends for weeks by saying "Shah-nge you can believe in" anytime we discuss the presidential race. It is not a reflection of my political views but of my emotional immaturity that I post this:

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