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Who Likes to Rock the FDI Party? Kevin G Likes To Rock the...

We've written about our bud Kevin Gallagher of the Global Development and Environment Institute many times before. After an amazing book out last year with Lyuba Zarsky, he has another one out on foreign direct investment and sustainable development that's getting the book event treatment over at the Carnegie Institute this Thursday in DC. If you're around, it'll be the best FDI party around. Details after the jump...

*Foreign Investment and Sustainable Development: *

*Lessons from the Americas*

* *

*Thursday, June 19, 2008*

*2:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.*

* *

*Carnegie Endowment for International Peace*

*1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW***

*Washington**, DC 20036***

* *

*Sponsored by:*

*Trade, Equity and Development Program, CEIP*

* *


* *

*Heinrich Böll Foundation *

* *

*Introductory Remarks: *Eduardo Zepeda, Carnegie Endowment for
International Peace

* *

*Moderator: *Liane Schalatek, Heinrich Böll Foundation

* *

*Panel: *

    * *Kevin Gallagher, *Assistant Professor of International Relations,
      Boston University, Research Associate, Global Development and
      Environment Institute, Tufts University
    * *Andres Lopez, *Director of the Centro de Investigaciones para la
      Transformación, and Professor of Economics, University of Buenos
      Aires, Argentina**
    * *Eva Paus, *Professor of Economics and the Carol Hoffmann Collins
      Director of the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives at Mount
      Holyoke College**
    * *Nicola Borregaard, *Director of the National Energy Efficiency
      Program for the Government of Chile and advisor to the Chilean
      Minister of Economy**

* *


    * *Maryse Robert*, Chief of the Trade Section, Department of Trade
      and Tourism, Organization of American States (OAS)
    * *Sarah Anderson*, Director, Global Economy Project at the
      Institute for Policy Studies.

For a copy of the report and background papers see:

*Please RSVP to Evelina Yeghiyan at
<> by noon on Wednesday, June 18*

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