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Will the real Bill Richardson please stand up?

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.) was the Democratic Whip on NAFTA, then he ran for president and opposed the Peru FTA (and feigned surprise at the existence of the NAFTA investor-state mechanism), and now he says this, according to the NY Observer:

Bill Richardson thinks that when it comes to Barack Obama's position on Nafta, an agreement which he calls "a plus, a slight plus, at least for my state," voters should look at Illinois Senator's record.

"He voted for the Peru Free Trade Agreement," said Richardson, who immediately proceeded to make it clear that he was in no way speaking for Obama or his campaign. "You've got to be realistic," he said, and "you've got to deal with globalization."

Richardson said that during his ill-fated candidacy, he became more aware of the antagonism to Nafta in the Midwest, and the anxiety about free trade among the middle class around the country.

"I'm a free-trade Democrat. I'm also an endangered species in the Democratic Party," said Richardson.

We reported last year on Richardson's 10% fair trade voting record while in Congress, where he only voted right on one out of 10 major trade votes. He voted right on the Canada FTA, but wrong on Fast Track a whopping 5 times (1983, 1984, 1988, 1993, and 1998), and on Israel FTA, 1991 Fast Track disapproval, NAFTA and the WTO. And here's what he told a N.H. audience when campaigning in that state last year, where he called the investor-state mechanism not terribly progressive.

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