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Chevron to USTR: help us kill more children


Chevron wants the United States to suspend trade preferences with Ecuador, because Ecuador decided to take exception to Chevron, you know, dumping billions of gallons (that is not a typo) of toxic waste in the Amazon rainforest, leading to cancer and deformities among indigenous peoples in the area.

Ecuador is demanding that Chevron pay between $8 and $16 billion to clean up the rainforest. Chevron's reponse? "We can't let little countries screw around with big companies like this—companies that have made big investments around the world." And then they went crying to USTR. This rather stunning quote from a Chevron lobbyist was written up in an excellent Newsweek article.

Democracy Now has more, including a discussion with the author of the above-linked Newsweek article, and through Just Foreign Policy, you can take action to urge USTR to reject Chevron's request.

As usual, sums it up: "Cartoonishly Evil People Run the World!"

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