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The Missing Link

Thanks to the work of labor, fair trade and immigration activists, the dots of “coincidence” between the enactment of NAFTA and the huge spike in immigration from Mexico to the United States since then are getting connected.

At the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement's (LCLAA) 17th National Convention earlier this month in Orlando, delegates approved no fewer than four - that's right four! - resolutions calling for fair trade. Most of these directly highlight the causal relationship between the economic and social upheaval caused by NAFTA-style trade pacts and increased immigration. NAFTA and similar pacts have displaced millions by devastating small farmers’ livelihoods and wiping out small businesses.

Mexican government data shows that 1.7 million campesinos have been displaced by NAFTA. The Mexican small business group El Barzon reported that 20,000 small business were wiped out in just the first seven years of NAFTA. Meanwhile, the majority of the 700,000 jobs ‘created’ in the first years of NAFTA (with the relocation of U.S. auto, electronics and other manufacturing plants) have since moved on to China.

Yup, the multinational corporations had no interest in paying Mexico’s $7 per day non-living wages when they could get $1-$2 per day in China – plus a government in cahoots to ensure there will never be any independent unions to help workers fight to better their circumstances.

With the lack of opportunity for workers or small farmers or small business amid the utter failure of NAFTA to bring “development” to Mexico, it’s not rocket science to realize that many of the Mexico’s NAFTA casualties would have little choice but to migrate.

LCLAA's been saying they told us so for some time (See pg. 38) and we've been more than pleased to do our part in spreading their wisdom far and wide.

Delegates also showcased their commitment to fixing the current NAFTA-WTO mess by choosing to endorse Sen. Brown and Rep. Michaud's TRADE Act. They also reiterated their steadfast opposition to the US-Colombia NAFTA expansion, denouncing the dismal conditions on the ground in the union murder capital of the world, and calling for new, fair, rules for the global economy.

Members of Congress Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL-23) and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) were on hand throughout the week, discussing the importance of the Latino vote this election cycle.  One of the central themes of the convention was Su Voto Es Su Voz – Your Vote Is Your Voice and the importance of registering to vote.

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