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Masses Protest Bush Korea Visit

According to the Associated Press:

Thousands of South Koreans gathered for a prayer service Tuesday to welcome U.S. President George W. Bush on a visit that also sparked revived street protests...

Obbz255_skbush_20080805034929 Some 18,300 police were on high alert with riot gear and bomb-sniffing dogs to maintain order across the South Korean capital during the American president's less-than-24-hour visit to the country, the National Police Agency said.

Mr. Bush held off on visiting Seoul earlier this year while protesters staged nightly candlelight vigils and clashing with riot police in anger over government plans to resume imports of American beef. The protests have since faded and meat shipments began. But Mr. Bush's visit rekindled the issue, sparking a rally in Seoul, with a crowd that police placed at about 1,500 marching to a downtown stream for a demonstration against the American president's visit. Police helicopters hovered overhead, as protesters held anti-Bush signs.

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