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Pathological Repression & Denial in Colombia

Every time the credibility of Colombian authorities reaches a new and seemingly unsurpassed low, they somehow manage to maintain it in free-fall. It's par for Uribe's course to accuse any and all opposition of being terrorist (taking a queue from buddy Bush), but his government accusing anti-FTA indigenous protesters (sorry CNN, 'Indians' hail from  a different hemisphere) of shooting each other to enliven the action? Its downright sociopathic.

Its hard to fathom how these people sleep at night at all, much less in recent weeks. But you can take action and keep them awake!

First the government comes to the US to tout 'progress' in terms of labor rights. Then it attacks sugarcane workers who are demanding an end to slave-like conditions and food for their families, and denies it. Then it declares a State of Emergency to be free of confines of their own laws to move more forcefully against the broad swaths of the population unhappy with administration policies. Then they heighten accusations that opponents are actually narco-terrorists, and again attack them and their families, blaming their resulting injuries as incidental to the protesters own 'violence'. THEN they fire into crowds of non-violent protesters, and claim the activists killed each other to invigorate the action!?!?

Incredible. The indigenous convene their march in an affirmation of life and against neoliberal policies that ascribe it no value. It seems the Uribe government can't comprehend this nor the sick irony of accusing marchers of bringing death upon each other. Given the government's longstanding and well-documented callousness toward human life, this should perhaps come as no surprise.

Although there are no real signs that Colombian officials feel  remorse for the the blood they've spilled, never mind being in mourning, its clear they are somehow stuck in mourning's first two stages: denial and anger. They ceaselessly oscillate between the two. Attack. Deny. Attack. Deny. Negotiation, the third stage, is off the table.

Sooner or later the heretofore brazenly hypocritical Colombian government will reach the stage of acceptance: that non-elites deserve their basic human rights, and a decent life, even if they are rights of indigenous or Afro-descendants. But they won't get there on their own. Vigilance and persistent action will be necessary.

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