McCain Amendment to Prohibit Buy America Crashes and Burns
It's Because She's a Fair Trader - Not a Good Ol' Boy - Isn't It?

One step towards "No More Toxic Toys"

Congrats to our colleagues in Public Citizen's Health Research and Litigation groups, who in conjunction with the Natural Resources Defense Council won a victory today in requiring toys made with toxic phthalates come off the shelves by February 10. By the way, this was simply the law as Congress passed it last year; but Bush and his pro-corporate Consumer Product Safety Commission decided they were going to try to break the law. Us good guys made sure they didn't. Read more at Public Citizen's Citizen Vox blog.

Of course, here at Global Trade Watch we also work on this issue, since global "trade" rules encourage offshoring of toy production to countries with lower safety standards while at the same time making it more difficult to enforce our own standards at the border. Check out our recent report, Closing Santa's Sweatshop (PDF), for more on the next steps we need to take on toy safety.

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Dan Mark

Toxic toys. Toxic baby milk. Toxic pet foods. It's kinda scary knowing that producers can make these mistakes that do result in deaths. Considering some of these products are used by the mass's it's really scary. What if the bread I buy and eat everyday was to accidently put toxic stuff in it. I wouldn't know untill I was in the hospitall or I could be the case that sent out an investigation.

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