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Uribe: War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength

It just can't get much more Orwellian Uribian (?) than this.

Colombian President Uribe's true colors came through last week when he again openly equated human-rights defenders and seekers of peace with left-wing combatants, as reported here English in elsewhere in Spanish:Alvaro_uribe_hands

"The intellectual bloc of the FARC is always talking about human rights, only to intimidate our soldiers and police," he said.

"We can't allow that they, with their nice little story of peace and permanent accusations against the armed forces, paralyse our policy of democratic security and the strategy against drugs and terrorism," Uribe said.

Uribe's warnings came as the nation waited expectantly to hear the contents of a document that FARC's top leader Alfonso Cano has sent to Senator Piedad Cordoba, who mediated in the release of captive soldiers, police and politicians.

(Activists are speaking out to denounce these attacks, and you can too!)

So let me get this straight: the Colombian peace movement successfully negotiates for the release of hostages held by the FARC rebels (Uribe's Army and Police Personnel) in hopes that it deescalates conflict and lays the groundwork for permanent cessation of violence. They show that could be possible with a peaceful turnover of hostages.

Then Big Brother President Uribe says that by even questioning the notion that the military solution - having failed for over 40 years to bring resolution to the country - is the only viable way to end the war, and that the individuals and organizations actually talking about peace comprise a secret cadre of rebel war-mongers.

Got it. In Uribe's Colombia both the act of taking Army soldiers hostage, and also of freeing Army soldiers, makes you a narco-terrorist. Its all clear now. I just had to walk through it to understand it all...

But wait, what does that make him?

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