Videos from yesterday's TRADE Act presser
Fair Trader Al Franken Certified Victor of MN Senate Race

Unifying the Dems across Caucuses

With Congress in recess this week, we're finally able to take a step back and analyze just how significant last week's TRADE Act roll out was.

What's most impressive is just how diverse the list of TRADE Act cosponsors are. We put together a handy list of cosponsors, and we're all jazzed when we see the 17 members of the Blue Dog Caucus together with 14 members of the New Democrat Caucus and 19 Congressional Black Caucus members. I'd be really interested in seeing a list of bills cosponsored by both Barbara Lee (D-CA) AND Leonard Boswell (D-IA).

And then you have members like freshman Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA), who won his seat by 727 votes in a district President Obama lost by 2500 votes, connecting the dots between the current economic crisis and 16 years of the NAFTA trade model at the roll out press conference. What Perriello gets, and Democrats must to keep their majority, is that the politics of trade reform play especially well for Democrats in those red or purple districts that Democrats originally lost back in 1994. If I were knocking on doors for a candidate in Virginia, North Carolina or upstate New York, I'd be keeping the TRADE Act's call for a review and possible renegotiation of NAFTA high up on my clipboard.

Blue Virginia gives Rep. Tom Perriello a shout out for his leadership on the issue here.

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