TRADE Act 2009: Double the Original Cosponsors, Double the Fun!
Unifying the Dems across Caucuses

Videos from yesterday's TRADE Act presser

We've got statements from six members on video from yesterday's TRADE Act news conference. Here are the goods (all these links go to YouTube):

Also, check out this Reuters story on the Washington Post website, which says:

Trade deals with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea were negotiated by the Bush administration, but must be ratified by Congress before they can go into effect.

The House legislation "sets a clear standard for where House Democrats are on trade," said Bill Holland, a spokesman for Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group that supports the bill.

"Those three (pending) agreements are built on the NAFTA model, and today's introduction of the Trade Act is a clear rejection of that model and a call for change," he said.

Finally, here are some letters of support for the TRADE Act from prominent organizations. A few samples: AFL-CIO; Change to Win; Sierra Club; Friends of the Earth (all PDF downloads).

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