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Here's one for the PR Spin On Crack files. Courtesy of the AFL-CIO blog, this is too rich not to share:

Over the Memorial Day weekend, J.C. Penney advertised a silkscreen T-shirt bearing the slogan, “American Made.” Yet when Joe Allen, a retired apparel manufacturer in the Dallas area, bought the T-shirt, he found it actually was made in Mexico—”of USA fabric.”

...Here’s what J.C. Penney spokesperson Kelly Sanchez had to say:

You indicate that there was a shirt that depicted the slogan “American Made.” This type of slogan is referring to the actual person wearing the shirt and not to the manufacturing of the merchandise.

Emphasis added. So my question is, does this imply that J.C. Penney is going to wade into the immigration debate?

Anyway, also on the topic of failing to invest in the U.S. economy, if you haven't been following the IMF funding debacle, Mark Weisbrot has a nice primer at the Guardian Unlimited.

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Maria H

Speaking of Mark Weisbrot, this article of his states that a progressive congressman, Eric Massa, is pushing legislation to punish Argentina in a way that will benefit vulture fund investors: Massa was suppported by DFA and as a DFA member, I would like to see pressure put on him to explain his actions. Can you update the story as to the progress of the legislation?

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