Pokemon Gets Offshored
WTO Still Pushing More of the Same, WTO Turnaround Demanded

Giving thanks

  • I'm thankful that there is a fair-trade groundswell in Congress, with positive forward-looking legislation like the Trade Act occupying an important space in the national debate.
  • I'm thankful that there's still no ratified Colombia, Panama or Colombia FTAs - those awful holdovers from the Bush era.
  • I'm thankful that Dubai Ports World never took over U.S. ports. As we predicted, the UAE government is taking ever more control over Dubai World, and it's not clear where it's going to end.
  • I'm thankful Eyes on Trade has never gotten a review this bad.
  • I'm thankful that I don't have a nail bed whose production was offshored to China.Pic_bedofnails_b
Mr. Engman, who left a job in banking last June to become chief executive at Shakti, said he saw only one major threat to his business, which imports its mats from India. “Now, lots of people are producing nail mats more cheaply,” he said. “In China.”
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