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Pokemon Gets Offshored

As if further evidence were needed that offshoring is no longer a pure blue collar phenomenon, the WSJ reports on the latest occupation to get hit:

Anime, Japan's stylized animation that has become hugely popular around the world, helpedPOKEMON OFFHORE reshape the country's image as a cultural trend-setter. But behind the scenes, things aren't so rosy.

Japan's animation industry is struggling. Anime workers are unhappy, toiling long hours at low pay. Sales have been declining. On top of that, there is fast-growing competition from across Asia ....

The Japanese government says it is trying to support the industry, with plans to increase spending on education and training young animators and allocating more funds toward film marketing. But nurturing home-grown talent has become more difficult as Japanese companies increasingly outsource anime drawing to studios in China, South Korea and Vietnam, where labor costs are lower.
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